Notes re: updating myself to

always use parentheses with functions and subs
ie. Len(Name) Response.Write("OK")
Current = Now()

variable's scope: application wide or user session
has new restrictions! be careful webforms provide server controls

webform: no functions below < Script >


Do not use Set.
Declare a variable with object's type, then substatiate it with the New keyword:
Dim ObjVar As ObjType = New ObjType

Don't use COMs like CDONTS for mail...
More Objects and Classes in .NET Framework Class Library SmtpMail Object for instance
Called using @Import Namespace="System.Web.Mail"

Study Framework Class Library and get to know what it includes (auf Deutche: kennen lernen)

XML Format file in root folder of web application includes the configuration for server, instead of IIS.