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A brief summary of our professional website services is listed below. Click here to see Samples and learn how your new website can save you time and money.

Grade "A"


After we collaborate and develop and deploy your Commercial Website, the Website Copyright is transferred to your company. You own the Website Source Code at no extra charge, allowing you full control over your investment.

All of our packages include Commercial Website Design, in addition to Free Website Hosting for 6 Months, and Free Technical Support and Maintenance for 1 Year.

(Online Content


Database Websites allow you to control your website instead of the website controlling you. One type of database website is an Online Content Management system. Your pages are displayed using custom templates, drawing your site content from the database.

Online Content Management shows you the last time you updated your website. Your website will have 5-10 template pages instead of thousands of individual HTML files. Your website can be maintained and updated from anywhere.

Password-secured administration pages are standard for Online Content Management websites.

Order Tracking,
Customer DB

Customer Databases are handy if you simply need a computerized method of maintaining your business contacts. You can access customer or client information on the road using a password-secured Customer Database.

If you are conducting transactions and you want a customized solution to fit your paperwork, built around your workflow and your customer base, Blue Puff Network is your answer. Small to medium sized businesses, even national and international companies can work with the same Order Tracking and Customer Database.

Job Databank,
Apply Online DB

If you are handling a large number of applicants, or if you want to organize the positions you need filled, a Blue Puff Network Database Website can be created for you. Simply submit your application form and we will convert it to an Online Application.

Filled applications are saved to a database. Password-secured administration pages allow you to add and edit Job Listings, organize resumes and view or print applications directly from your browser. Encryption technology is available for sensitive data transmissions using a Secure Socket Layer.


Many of these services are familiar because they all rely on database technology to make it happen. For instance, Blue Puff Network can create for your company a private, collaborative Online Calendar, similar to other online calendar websites. The difference is your Online Calendar is private.

Using a database to store the calendar information, you can create new types of appointments and specify private or public entries. View Today, Next Week or All Month, or search for a specific appointment. Each user can have their own icons allowing to you to see at a glance who is scheduled when.


Starting an online business is a big proposition. To make it more affordable and less complicated, we can setup your First E-Commerce Website. Complete with Shopping Cart, Wish Lists, Customer Profiles and Order Tracking, this special package can get you started.

Blue Puff Network relies on Comersus Open Source Shopping Cart for free customized E-Commerce websites. Beginning E-Commerce with Blue Puff Network means we do all the work for you. Once your website is online, we are available 24-hours a day to help facilitate your new business!

Special features for all database websites include: Microsoft Office Word and Excel document generation, Report Generation, Multi-User and Multi-Location Specific user data, online forms and data grids and real-time updates.



Are you ready to take the plunge? If you are looking to accept Credit Card transactions online, the Encrypted Storefront E-Commerce Website from Blue Puff Network is ready to go!

We'll help you work with your financial institution to help you qualify for an Internet Merchant Account. Also, a complete online catalog is part of Blue Puff Network's Encrypted E-Commerce packages. We will scan and enter your data, post product photographs and enter current prices to get you started.

Blue Puff Network Encrypted E-Commerce Websites use the Comersus Power Pack to give you full control over your online business, today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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