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Last Updated: 12/26/04
Programming Portfolio
Recreate Windows applications to run 100% in your browser; for example, create your own Online Calendar, E-mail, Notepad, Paint Program, and Personal Preferences. Information can be shared between different users, and stored in a password protected Access Database, with tables for each section. Supported software and platforms: IIS6 with SQL, Access, ASP.NET, ASP, VB6, VBScript, Javascript, XML, CSS, DHTML, SSL, E-Commerce, Flash programming, and dynamic image creation online for live reports and charts.

Internet/Intranet Programming Specialties:

E-Commerce Website
Feet, Feather and Fur Archery E-Commerce Website.
Client wants to sell his archery equipment online with content from a catalog.
Requirements: Client needs an Internet Merchant Account from his bank to accept credit card orders online. During this time, his website is setup with an inventory of archery equipment, daily order processing and an online shopping cart.
Client updated inventory with latest prices and maintained inventory and accounts online through Back Office website.
E-mail Notifications to Client's cell phone, all business transactions handled online, similar to QuickBooks Windows application with inventory control, customer accounts and billing. Secure Online Ordering.

Internet Training Courses
Corporate Safety Training
Client wants a monthly online safety module with video and a test at the end.
Requirements: Safety documentation and source video.
Client can feel confident that Safety is addressed monthly, and video content is not ignored.
Video compressed for broadband access, test results are saved, and Client can check if the monthly safety module has been completed by everyone.

Guest and VIP Password Website access control
Secure content on the web.
Password is required to access certain content on real estate website.
Requirements: Client has PDF's that require full registration before downloading.
A webpage was created that e-mails the client registration to the Client, in this case a Realtor.
Features: Realtor could follow up with leads generated on the website.

Daily Lottery and Bingo Games
Bingo website.
Client wants to hold monthly bingo games.
Requirements: Client provides a customized bingo card that shows the number ranges for each ball.
Client's private website provided new numbers each month, and a public website showed daily bingo numbers. Features: E-mail Notifications to Client's cell phone, all business transactions handled online.

Online Word Document and Excel Document Databases (with Access or SQL)
Job Bank, Resume Database and Online Applications
Example: Careers page for company website.
Client wants to post job listings and facilitate hiring online.
Requirements: Client provides employment application, Job Bank listing and company logos.
Client can show current jobs available using web forms to add and remove jobs. Client can save or print out Word and Excel documents generated from the application database for use during interviews.
Human Resources can work online, and access can be granted to the management team so they can review resumes and applications. Available jobs are sorted by geographical area.

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