Ben Lindelof's Job History (2009)


Start Date:

 June 2007


End Date:

 April 2009

1776 Westlakes Parkway, DM, IA



Manager: Richard Chase, 515-453-8131






Supported and maintained the website (PHP, MySQL, Apache).  Updated code and moved website to a new Unix server.  Updated LAMP Security. Created a threshold detector based on the visitor's IP address to limit the number of anonymous retries to 5 attempts. Saved each non-successful attempt to a database, and calculated if the last 5 occurred within the last 5 minutes. Each threshold constant can be customized. If the threshold is exceeded, the user is redirected to a non-form page to prevent automatic retries. An e-mail is set to the administrator when the threshold is exceeded, along with the visitor's IP address for tracking. Fixed various PHP coding issues for upgrading from PHP4 to PHP5. 


Developed a winforms Claims database viewer, a winforms Crystal Reports for .NET report automation solution, and a dynamic winform system to replace paper forms. These applications were developed to fulfill business requirements for corporate executives and the call center teams.


Developed a FISMA/HIPAA-compliant online reports portal, compatible with and as a replacement for Microsoft SharePoint.  The portal was specifically designed to provide all SharePoint functionality with High Level FISMA-compliance.  The IT Director, my boss and myself compared our options and decided to use the .NET Framework to create a system better than SharePoint.  All .NET Framework SharePoint systems were mirrored, including User Role Assignments, Dynamic PageTitle, PageNews and PageContent Templates/Master Pages, and Authentication.


Winforms, web form applications, and the custom SharePoint-compatible system were developed using,, AJAX, SQL, Visual FoxPro, CR for .NET, MSSQL, CSS, HTML, DHTML, XML, VBScript and Javascript.


Worked with managers and directors to identify project business requirements. Created full documentation including technical specifications for application support and user guides for training.  Supported users of new applications, and IT Support personnel with application workstation installation.






NetworkOmni, Inc

Start Date:

 December 2006

SharePoint Developer

End Date:

 February 2007

4353 Park Terrace Dr, Westlake Village, CA



Manager: Keven Lincoln, 818-575-2863 X517820






Developed an Internet portal and web forms for language translation services.  This system was integrated into Microsoft SharePoint.  Coded using dynamic web forms using, SQL, and


Telecommuted full-time. Based in Des Moines for California company.






DCI, Inc

Start Date:

 August 2006


End Date:

 November 2006

7177 Hickman Rd. Unit 6
Des Moines, IA



Manager: Mark Toebben, 515-276-0442 x123






Developed an ASP Cart and Ajax controls for EZ-link website (ASP, JS, VB6, Oracle) The ASP Cart accessed an Oracle database via a VB6 custom database object. 


The Ajax controls were developed to access relational database in hierarchal structure.  After the year for after-market automobile parts was selected, the available vehicles was retrieved from the database.  Multiple controls were used to drill-down to the requested part.


Worked full-time at DCIís corporate office.






Contractor, Various

Start Date:

 September 2005


End Date:

 July 2006

Dynamic Software Resources, DM, IA



Manager: Tom Scroggins, PFG, 515-248-9353






Developed an automated server benchmark web application, automated BindView Hotfix Scanner for server update status, a time lapse threshold control for Microsoft Operations Manager, and a RILO graphical web console (, HPILO,, VBS, SQL, MOM, WMI, XML)


Whiteboarded all applications with the team.  The database team was made aware of connection requirements, SharePoint administrators were briefed on the update, and I developed the code to complete the business requirements. 


The first integrated web application was the Hotfix Scanner, to check systems for the latest BindView server updates.  There were 2000+ servers to scan, and this system automated the process for each Active Directory-listed administrator.  Each admin had 50-200 servers.  After processing all servers were updated with a report on status.


This application was integrated into a new server benchmark system that scanned new servers.  The scanned server results were compared against the system requirements for the new build.  All hardware and software was automatically audited and status was displayed.  This application was integrated into a SharePoint Workflow for all new server builds.


The time lapse threshold component was a VBS script that saved X number of occurrences over Y value of time.  If it is triggered more than X times, a message and Event Log entry are created.  Used the Windows Registry to save the values and occurrences.


The RILO web console was programmed to run DOS Command-line using XML scripts automatically generated by the selections in the web console.  This web access eliminated the requirement to physically log in to the server.






Internet Advertising, Inc

Start Date:

 May 2001


End Date:

 June 2005

San Antonio TX



Manager: Steve Lambiase, 210-695-9717






Developed database and Flash-based websites and applications for The Lynd Co., Lakeway Builders, Bulldog Bar and CMM Global.  Met with clients and went over the technical aspects of the web package the client had selected.  Worked with the clients to create and modify web resources to allow online shopping, provide an online database, and create Flash websites and advertisements.


Setup a Comersus shopping cart website for Feet, Feather & Fur Archery. Created a model search database website.  Updated various websites with PSD designs, which were sliced for CSS table and non-table formats.


Created Lynd Co. intranet apps and websites for HR, job databases, online secure rental applications, billing systems, and rent forecasting. This portal had more functionality than the SharePoint website in 2003, and daily activity was centered around the Ultranet Portal.  Since all custom applications were integrated, the supervisors had live checklists to indicate that all managers had completed their required activities (for the day, the week, the month or the year).  The COO displayed all property status from his login.


Created documentation, advertisements, print and media productions for television and the SBC Center (3D Studio, ASP, Access, IIS, SSL, JS)  Source files were created with 3D studio and rendered to video format.  All source video was imported into Flash MX for final editing.  From Flash, video and web formats were saved according to different requirements for print, video and web requirements.