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Benefits, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing technology solutions for today’s Progressive Third Party Administrator. The TPABenefits Web Application is “Built By TPAs…For TPAs…”. Each TPA Client has a direct role in the ongoing design and development of the product and all TPA’s participate in future enhancements and upgrades. The primary goal is improving productivity, giving TPA’s the internet based tools necessary to compete in today’s progressive market. The TPABenefits Web Application puts the TPA in control of both the “users” of information and the “content” they are authorized to view. TPA’s are able to build a solid foundation for long-term revenue growth through enhanced adjudication and/or “Per Employee Per Month” fees. The TPABenefits Web Application connects providers, consumers, employers, administrators and vendors with an integrated database. The Web Application provides a fast and efficient method of delivering clear, on-demand and up to date information to Plan Sponsors and Stop-Loss Carriers.

Plan Sponsor Services

The TPABenefits Web Application allows employers and employees to communicate with each other through the Web Application. This method of communication improves accuracy and saves a considerable amount of time and energy. Plan Sponsors are able to generate reports, as needed, improving decision-making and member communication. Plan revisions to benefit schedules, are made with confidence. The TPABenefits Web Application reduces administrative hassles, improves employee moral and cuts costs.

Agent/Broker Services

The TPABenefits Web Application provides plan representatives with the on-line tools necessary to fully service self-funded accounts. Through authorized access, plan representatives can get answers to specific questions by simply accessing the Web Application through the Internet. Information accessed through the Web Application is fully customizable and scalable, to fit the needs of the plan sponsor and the plan representative.

Member Services

The TPABenefits Web Application allows plan members to view their Schedule of Benefits, Plan Document, personal claim information, locate medical providers and access other web sites helpful in conducting research on medical issues and information.

Provider Services

The TPABenefits Web Application allows Medical Providers to verify benefits and check on the status of previously submitted claims. Medical Providers are gaining access to Internet Web Applications through their practice management software. Medical Providers can access this information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week saving valuable time and the costs associated with staffing requirements.

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