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Application Releases & Enterprise Development:

ICON IMAGE Cluck Y'Egger, an iOS Universal game, featuring 3D graphics, custom A.I., advanced particle system and lighting (2012)
ICON IMAGE World Trivia Champion, an customizable iOS Universal game, featuring a .NET 3.5 web services back-end, multiplayer gameplay and Game Center integration (2012)
ICON IMAGE Titanbase Screensavers, a variety of iOS entertainment applications, featuring themed animations that are uniquely interactive (2011)
ICON IMAGE Internet Access Console, an Android mobile app built with Adobe AIR and AS3, featuring keyword searches for popular internet destinations (2011)
ICON IMAGE Talkspot Connect, an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Universal mobile client-side blogging app, featuring a rich-text editor, account management, graphs and website statistics (2011)
ICON IMAGE Amazing Blue Fugu, an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Universal game, featuring Objective-C, Cocoa programming, and the Cocos 2D framework (2011)
ICON IMAGE Custom XML Web Service for Adobe Flash Widget, an AS3 widget and Web Service to reformat SharePoint Web Services content for dynamic, animated user interfaces. Features a 3.5 Web Service and ActionScript 3 for custom SharePoint Web Part integration (2010)
ICON IMAGE Client/Server Solution for Adobe Flash, featuring a PHP/MySQL/Apache messaging system for multiplayer Flash games and Flash shopping carts (2009)
ICON IMAGE Dynamic Forms Engine, Windows Form application using and SQL to auto-generate form controls, and save data-entry. Auto-template match based on number of columns and data type (2008)
ICON IMAGE ENCOMPASS Client Member Search web application, with multiple modules and drill-down screens, attached PDF and XLS case documents, and process review (2009)
ICON IMAGE Crystal Reports Viewer 2, Custom Windows viewer application with command-line parameter interface for FoxPro integration (, SQL) (2008)
ICON IMAGE Crystal Reports Viewer 3, automatic console-based CR-to-PDF creator (2009)
ICON IMAGE Claims Viewer, Windows application, with custom user controls, grid controls, and ICD9/Code Table search (, SQL, Visual FoxPro) (2008)
ICON IMAGE Principal Financial Group's BindView Hotfix Scanner web application for automated server updates (server administration) (, SQL) (2005)
ICON IMAGE Time Lapse Threshold Control for Microsoft Operations Manager (VBS, MOM) (server administration) (2006)
ICON IMAGE RILO Web Console and remote server control with automatic XML scripting (, HPILO, (server administration) (2006)
ICON IMAGE Callback Tracker, Windows application with form manager, document processing and reporting tools (Lotus Approach, Delphi) (1996)
ICON IMAGE Blue Circle Group ANSI OS Menu for PC Compatibles (1992)

Websites & Flash Media Releases:

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