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Copyright © 2004-2007 Blue Puff Software - By Benjamin Lindelof
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Blue Puff's The Aquarium

personal blog software requires no coding

The Aquarium requires a stable PC, free of viruses,
protected by a firewall, connected to the net

to get started with
The Aquarium,
determine the results of the following test.
after the test is completed successfully
you are ready to install
The Aquarium!

1.) Type http://localhost into your browser and see what comes up.

2.) Depending on the results of your test, you should see a Welcome screen.

The Aquarium
files reside in your localhost root folder,
in a subdirectory: aquarium
please reference the included readme.txt file
in Notepad for installation instructions

Set your default homepage to
bfn.asp, or access your new Blog Website
on your PC: http://localhost/aquarium/bfn.asp

to access your localhost from other places,
you can type in your IP address:
http://55.555.12.12 -
This is hard to remember; we recommend FreeDNS

Test Drive The Aquarium

Setting up your blog:

Release Date: January 15, 2005
Updated: January 28, 2005
Updated: April 15, 2005

New Frequently Asked Questions

Question: The demo allows you to enter data, and see it immediately. On my installation, it says "Saving Complete". If I refresh the screen, it shows the home page again. How does it load automatically on your demo?
Answer: Change the line Response.Buffer = False to Response.Buffer = True in the file bfn.asp ...For testing, it's good to see verification that the database is working, so I leave Response.Buffer = False when I test The Aquarium, and it's that way by default.

Question: Your background is different than my installation. How do I change the background without coding?
Answer: In your images folder, replace the file bg2.jpg with your own custom JPEG image. bg2.jpg is 760x760 pixels.

Troubleshooting Help:
Error: Can't find Data Source?
Answer: See step 2 of the instructions included in the README.TXT to setup your Data Source (DSN), and give it a try.

Error: Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A0046)
Permission denied
/aquarium/counter.asp, line 27
Answer: Open Internet Information Services under Administrative Tools. Right-click on your CMS or Aquarium folder and click Properties. Check the box labeled "Local Path" -> Write and Read should be checked.

It still says: Error: and I search the net and Permissions fixes aren't working.
Answer: This error comes up if your Operating System or Internet Informtion Manager permissions are not set for Write access. Good luck!


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